German Amateur Radio

                         QTH :   Niederorschel    JO51FI
                    Contest QTH :   Kaltohmfeld     JO51EL



               QRV on  HF,  VHF, UHF, SHF (23cm)


          Some  pictures of my 

station and my location


EG              G
                                          IARU 2m Contest in G  - JO02UO

                      cq             cq



         Antenna assembly in 8 - 2017


   Preamp-Montage MHP145 & SP7000 - 2016

23cm 2

 23cm Test  520m NN  35 El Tonna  ODX 623km  

23cm fr

Homemade 23cm Transverter + inside 150W PA


Homemade 23cm Transverter + 150W PA - Backside

ant 5 16

Ant-Setup Summer 2016:
70cm: 28El M 17dBd          2m: 2M12 M 13dBd
                                                  6m: 4El YU7EF 6.5dBd
                                                  20m Rotary Dipol 10,1m +15m Open Sleeve Dipol


 Blick nach Norden  zum Ohmgebirge ( Antenne heruntergefahren)


                                           Antennen 2 2016



                                       Antennen in 2015


    OPTI B

  Main-Antennas 2020/21

    OPTI-Beam, 9EL2m, Anjo LogPer 2m ... 23cm

           2m SSPA Bau

          Homemade 144 Mhz K+  SSPA

  Ant 9 17

 Antennas 15m High over Ground

22m Flexwell 1/2" , Pre 0,4dB

ant 10 17

23cm 3

 23cm Contest Test 150W  


                                                                    Shack 2020 - fast geschafft

  Antennen 10 2014     

           18El M -70cm - 2x 12 El M - 2m - 4 El  vert. Yagi -2m - 10,2m Rotary Dipol (20-10m)

                                                                 on 15m Tower


                                  Homemade     small 2m PA 300W Output  -  MRF 141G , 28V



                 Transverter Switch fr   3x  PTT + 3x HF 28Mhz   Input/Output


             Check the FT-100MP


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